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1201 N. 50th Street • Tampa, FL 33619
Tel: 813-349-0090 • Toll Free: 800-333-8083
Fax: 813-349-0095

Name: Position: Contact For: Phone
Joe Tumlin President-Commercial Electrical Sales 813-402-4023
James Yore President-Industrial Industrial Sales 407-256-4730
Robin Conway President-Lighting Energy and Lighting Sales 919-602-0849
Peter Gherini Comptroller Accounting | HR 813-402-4027
Michelle Stark Executive Assistant|Website & Network Support Admin|Website Info|Marketing 813-402-4030
Lynda Ellis Accounting Assistant Accounting 813-402-3815
Frank Colligan Logistics Manager Warehouse and Freight 813-402-4037
Jose Martinez Warehouse Manager 813-349-0092
C.W. Harrell Inventory Control 813-349-0090
Barry Enegess Vice Chairman 781-492-8980
Name: Contact For: Phone
Luis Alvarez Miami 305-962-3992
Sandra Atiles-Tyrrell West/Central FL 813-352-0195
Billy Dorton Central FL 321-960-6429
Will Lesch West/Central FL 813-625-0528
Eleanor Marschke Ft. Lauderdale 954-818-2289
Brian Sheets North Florida 813-784-4757
Paul Tynan SW Florida 813-625-0546
Name: Contact For: Phone
Howard Brown Eastern North Carolina | South Carolina 919-302-9011
Jane Kirkland Eastern North Carolina | South Carolina 919-270-0173
Matt Morrison Western North Carolina 919-624-3735
Name: Contact For: Phone
Name: Contact For: Phone
David Morrison Commodities 813-402-4025
Kenny Lambert Industrial 813-402-4036
Betsy Gunn Chilton Lighting 813-402-4040
Junior Bunner Commercial 813-402-4031
Sherry Zimmermann Commercial 813-402-4032
Tonya Gunn Commercial 813-402-4029
Wilfred Milligan Commercial 813-402-4035
Roger Kossert Commodities 813-402-4034
Jim Pickle Commodities 813-402-4026
Barbara Opperman Industrial 813-402-4028
Cybil Oliver Industrial 813-402-4033
Dave Ledbetter Lighting 813-402-4024
Amanda Diotalevi Lighting 813-402-4041
Maria Milan Lighting 813-402-4038
Rosa Millan Lighting 813-402-4039
Name: Contact For: Phone
Patrick Conway State of Florida 919-619-4573
Tony DiPalermo South FL 561-255-7776
Frank Holley North Florida 904-472-5000
Jim Lehan West Florida 813-390-0645
Garrett Morrison Central/South Florida 904-631-9818
Name: Contact For: Phone
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